10 Unique & Creative Expert Tips in 2019 to Find Smart Employees

It’s challenging to find fantastic workers who will add value to your business and pricey if you pay for job advertisements. Therefore we asked small- to medium-business proprietors to discuss how they go about recruiting employees beyond using online job boards. Below are 41 unique strategies to find employees they discussed with us.

1. Contact Mutual Connections to Help You Recruit Employees

Heidi Harman - find employees - tips from the pros

I visit my private network to find great workers. My friends, coworkers, and former colleagues understand me and they know to recommend the right type of candidate who’d be a great fit with my PR company. I also use LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook when we are interviewing a candidate I don’t know to see if there are some mutual connections I can inquire.

2. Use Free Advertising to Source Qualified Candidates


When you place job listings on online job boards, then they are inclined to quickly get pushed down the ranks and vanish from view within a few days. Really lets you sponsor your project postings in order that they stick out in the audience and appear at the top (and bottom) of search result pages for as long as you’d like. That kind of marketing can help you get more quality job seekers so that you can quickly fill your ranks with top-notch applicants. Get free $50 ad credit from Indeed.

3. Look Beyond Your Location When Recruiting Employees

Linda Pophal, Owner, Strategic Communications

Tin Thinn - find employees - tips from the pros
Break down geographic barriers! Technology enables us connect with individuals around the globe to communicate and collaborate, and working with workers is not any different. There’s no reason why a copywriter, for example, must be located on your community. Your potential labor market will expand exponentially if you look beyond geographical limitations.

4. Leverage Crowdsourcing to Find Diverse Employees & Top Talent

Heidi Harman, Director of UX Research & CEO, Included.Works

Fast-growing companies quickly use their inner referrals and have little structure or support to reach out to their own community even if they wanted to. Not to mention that business internal referral programs have a tendency to provide you a lot of the same type of talent. But when companies expand their finder’s fee outside their own companies, it increases their odds of finding varied candidates tenfold. Crowdsourcing enables them to listen to about experts from specialists outside of their internal network, leading companies to finding top talent hires and attaining higher company diversity.

5. Streamline Your Recruitment Process

It can be tough to find the perfect candidate when applications get lost in a massive pile or concealed on your inbox. That’s why I suggest using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline your own interviewing and hiring process. In addition to allowing you post to multiple job boards at no cost, Homebase Hiring enables you to sort, filter, and schedule applicants and send reminders to reduce interview no-shows. You also get 100+ pre-written and tested job description templates you can use to target the right candidates.

6. Request Employees to Share Job Openings on Social Media

Josh Lindenmuth, CIO, Payce, Inc..
In my companywe encourage our workers to spread the news about open positions on Facebook and LinkedIn. For difficult-to-hire positions, workers will frequently put quick messages in their Facebook accounts, including,”We’re looking for a fantastic web developer who would like a low-key, family-friendly place to get the job done. Should you know of anyone, please share my contact information!” Informal messages similar to this can gain amazing reach, and will frequently bring about people who weren’t actively looking.

7. Make Visible Where Your Nominees Are

Tin Thinn, IT Talent Acquisition Specialist, Halogen Software
To reach and engage elite talent in today’s highly competitive landscape, we need to inhabit the same places our target audiences invest some time. By way of instance, if you’re searching for developers, go to Stack Overflow to find out who has the top evaluations, since they typically are the best on the market. If you hang out in which the gift you’re looking for hangs out (such as consumer classes on Twitter), commenting on favorite sites and forums (like on LinkedIn), it is going to help communicate with your target audience because you use their terminology.

8. Utilize Facebook to Target Candidates

Adam Seabrook, Co-founder, Betterteam
Job ads will not reach passive candidates, but everybody is on Facebook nowadays. Use Facebook targeting attributes to advertise in the feeds of people who match the skills, region, and even hobbies you desire.

9. Link With Local Colleges & Professors to Locate Workers

Matthew Ross, Co-owner & COO, RIZKNOWS LLC
I’d recommend small companies form strong connections with their regional schools and universities. That is what we did and it is repaid. In short, rather than utilizing professional recruiters or relying on sites like ZipRecruiter or LinkedIn, we focus on homegrown talent right here in our backyard. We do it by looking for professors at our regional college (University of Nevada Reno) and basically letting them do the recruitment for us. Fundamentally , we form tight bonds with professors and ask them to recommend top-tier candidates for us.

So far, this strategy has worked great. In 2018, we ended up hiring four new workers using this method. Finally , we feel like this is a beneficial relationship for all parties involved. We get outstanding candidates, the professors feel like they’re creating an impact with their students, and obviously, the pupils get an awesome job at a growing tech company.

10. Capture Job Programs From Your Website

Adrienne Cooper, Chief People Officer, Fit Small Business
It is possible to turn the top candidates off by forcing them to join through a complicated career portal. Instead, simply put in a simple way for candidates to view and apply to jobs directly from your site. A project management application such as monday.com lets you embed a job application form in your site and sends submissions to a visual job recruitment template that will help you monitor applications and candidates through the hiring process.

While this may sound intimidating on paper, it really really puts the candidate and our staff members at ease by providing everybody the opportunity to meet one another. Granted, we might not be able to give a candidate access to our entire team in one day, but we want transparency about the employee experience in our firm. And, we need as many staff members as possible (particularly those who will be working directly together ) to port with their potential future team member. This way, everyone can guarantee a best fit.



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